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Brick Effect Cladding – A Revolution in Wall Coverings

Brick Effect Cladding - A Revolution in Wall Coverings
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The look of exposed brick is well and truly in style. For contemporary, rustic, traditional, eclectic and industrial looks, it’s proven a versatile tool for many aesthetics.

Here, we’re going to look at why brick effect cladding is a real revolution, the best way to achieve the look, and what looks it can help you achieve, exactly.

The Brick Effect

What is it that so many love about the brick effect? There’s no doubt that some don’t like it and might even consider it an eyesore.

But its popularity is growing and a big part of that is a desire for “authenticity” in style.

The brick effect is raw, it’s stripped-back, and its imperfections are what makes it so perfect.

It hearkens to the creative style of those interior designers transforming industrial spaces into fantastic living quarters by reverse-engineering the same process.

Exposed brick is cool, it’s urban, and it has real character, but it’s not always viable or a convenient choice to expose the real brick in a building.

Why Brick Effect Cladding?

There are a few different ways to achieve the brick effect, but cladding might be the best and most widely available option.

Exposing real brick by removing drywall or other coverings might be as realistic, but it’s also a lot of work.

Not every property has the same access to those bricks, for a start. Even if you do, the process of finishing, sealing, and grouting the brick means more work.

On the other hand, there are stencil paint methods and digital image wallpapers that achieve the look, but they lack the dimension, the detail, and the feel that cladding can help you achieve.

The brick effect cladding is the best way to get realistic results without the effort of the real thing.

What’s more, it’s a lot easier to remove cladding than cover up a wall should your desired style ever change.

A Variety of Looks

The brick effect has plenty of appeal all its own, but we know that you savvy designers are going to want to know how to incorporate it into your overall style. It has a distinct character, but it has plenty of ways it can be applied.

For instance, it makes a perfect match to natural material designs aiming for a more rustic appeal such as using it as a splashback for marble kitchen countertops or pairing it with living rooms utilizing rich wooden furniture.

But it also makes a great addition to more contemporary designs, pairing the clean look of metallic furniture and minimalist clutter with something more real and grounded.

It’s great to use for focal point placement, too, whether using it to draw attention to a properties features like a fireplace or making it stand out from the other surfaces, making it part of a feature wall.

If the appearance of an exposed brick wall is what you want, then brick effect cladding might be the most efficient way to attain it.

If you need brick effect cladding installed in your commercial property, our experienced brick slips installers can help you in Essex, London, Kent or Surrey, contact J&A Tiling today.

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