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Brick Effect Kitchen Tiles

Brick Effect Kitchen Tiles: A Trendy Way to Create an Original Look
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For many years now, exposed brick walls have had a part to play in modern decor.

It’s easy to see why this is the case; exposed brick walls just have something, a certain je ne sais quoi, that can give a kitchen an entirely new dimension.

Brick effect kitchen tiles are decorative without being too elaborate; a feature without being domineering; a touch of the industrial that delightfully juxtaposed with modern contemporary living.

Glance through any interior design catalogue of recent years and you’ll see plenty of exposed brick walls.

There is, however, a downside: if you want to mimic the look, you need, well… exposed brick walls. This is where many property owners find themselves facing complications.

When the property was constructed, the builders placed the bricks with their minds on stability and structural integrity – they didn’t set out to create an interior design statement.

The result is that while you may have exposed brick walls in your kitchen (or be able to peel back plasterboard to achieve the same result), that wall isn’t necessarily in the best condition.

The older your house is, the more likely that bricks will be faded, suffering from minor crumbling issues, or otherwise showing their years of work holding your house together.

They’re integral to your property, but they’re not a showpiece.

So, is that where you are? You want to enjoy the look of an exposed brick wall in your kitchen, but your brick walls aren’t playing ball, so you’re stuck with wishful thinking?

Or deal with the expense of hiring a builder to give your wall a tidy up?

Not quite: we at J&A Tiling have the solution – and the impact is stunning.

Introducing Brick Effect Kitchen Tiles

Brick slips – also known as brick effect panels – are the perfect solution for those who want exposed walls without the hassle of actually having exposed walls.

Our brick slips apply in a similar fashion to conventional wall tiles, meaning they are easy to use, replaceable, and extremely affordable.

All of our brick slips are designed to look as realistic as possible; close up, you won’t be able to see the difference.

The brick slips are correctly textured, giving them a huge advantage over brick effect wallpaper and other similar solutions.

They’re the closest thing you can get to an exposed brick wall without actually having to deal with the expense, inconvenience, and painful maintenance that an exposed brick wall tends to require.

Even when completed by professionals, genuine exposed brick is temperamental and prone to causing issues, which can add extra maintenance costs to the initial expense – something that isn’t an issue if you opt for brick slips instead.

How Brick Effect Kitchen Tiles Can Be Used

First and foremost, it’s important to note that brick slips can be used in areas that may be prone to water exposure, such as the kitchen and bathroom.

This fact actually gives them an advantage over conventional exposed brick walls, which tend to be rather porous.

This means that conventional exposed brick and water can be a bad combination, increasing the risk of crumbling and degradation.

In contrast, brick slips can be used anywhere, from residential homes to restaurants & even commercial offices, and you don’t need to worry about them getting wet.

Brick slips can be used on any wall that you wish, be it a chimney breast for that authentic “country cottage” feel, in the kitchen or to give an edge to an otherwise plain office building.

Brick slips come in a variety of different colours and textures, so you can choose your installation to be customised to your existing colour scheme.

There’s no doubt that brick slips (and exposed brick walls, for that matter) work best as a feature wall rather than covering every wall in a room.

This allows the feature wall to look decorative and unique, but without having to resort to bold wallpapers or colours that you may tire of.

Exposed brick is timeless and will always be in style, so you can be confident that your investment will pay off.

Exposed Brick Walls Without the Hassle

Unless your walls are already perfect, or you’re willing to deal with the substantial maintenance that exposed brick entails, brick slips are undoubtedly the best choice.

When installed by qualified and experienced brick slip installers, such as us at J&A Tiling, your brick slips will create a truly stunning effect without all the hassle.

You can be on trend and capture one of the most enduring decor design features with a fast, effective, and absolutely stunning wall that you will love for years to come.

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