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Why Brick Slip Walls Are Trending

Brick Slip Walls Are Trending - J and A tiling
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Brick Slip Walls are becoming increasingly popular, they add texture and character to any room. In this post we will exploring why brick slip feature walls are so popular and how you can get one!

Brick slip tiles are essentially brick facades, indistinguishable from the real thing but a less expensive alternative to getting real brick walls. As many interior designers will tell you, this rustic, urban look is becoming a huge trend in many countries all around the world.

Reclaimed Brick Slip Tiles

Brick tile slips that are reclaimed are great for an additional quirk to spread across your walls. Tile slips that have been made from upcycled bricks are not only stunningly authentic but are also eco-friendly.

Brick effect cladding can be made by carefully slicing bricks into perfect slabs, ready to be made adhesive. Once this process is over, our experienced brick slip installers will cover your walls with the reclaimed brick slips to create the finishing look.

What better way to get that shabby chic look in your interior space?

Brick Slip Walls Ideas And Tips

Bedroom feature walls are a key part of any interior design. Usually people use a bold colour of wall paint or an interesting pattern paper for their feature walls.

Unfortunately these days many people do this, which has made the once original idea far less original.

So, a tip from us is to stay away from the norm! Ditch that art-deco wallpaper for some brick slip walls and join the interior design revolution.

This is why brick slip cladding is a great and unique way to decorate if you want to make an interesting bold statement.

Chimney Breast Ideas

Another one of our decorating ideas that has made brick slip walls so popular is to use brick slips on a chimney breast. This achieves a traditional, sophisticated look without the high expenses of installing a completely new brick chimney breast.

For restaurant decor ideas on a budget, this chimney breast re-vamp is a trendy answer for a lounge design that incorporates features that already exist within your restaurant.

Transform the Atmosphere of your Cafe or Restaurant

If you are searching for a style statement to be part of your cafe decor, then brick slips are a perfect solution.

Bringing this urban, city feel from the outside and making it an indoor design is what makes places feel both exclusive and open, modern yet traditional.

Cladding a Bar Area with Brick Slips

Minimalist designs are becoming increasingly popular, due to the clean look and feel simplicity gives off.

Stripping back your bar decor to the basics is what gives any restaurant, bar or cafe a contemporary and distinctive characteristic. Brick slats are beautifully basic and minimalistic.

Which is why your typical wallpaper will not make your home or business as stunningly rustic as brick slips. The authentic texture adds a 3D element that normal paint and wallpaper can not offer.

How Do I Get My Own Brick Slips Installed?

Our focus is on offering brick slip installation services to commercial clients wherever they are and whatever they need.” J&A Tiling Ltd.

Brick slips can be installed in your commercial property by J&A Tiling Ltd. If you would like to know more about this trend, have a look at our Brick Slip Cladding page.

Our brick slip installers will be more than happy to answer any queries.

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