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Cleaning Brick Slips Interior Walls / Homemade Brick Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning Brick Slips - J and A Tiling
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Cleaning Brick Slips is a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it! The weather is warming up and it is time to clear those cobwebs before summer officially arrives.

It is therefore the perfect time to spring clean your home and prepare yourself for that family get together and the upcoming neighbourhood BBQs.

Brick slips (whether you are using them to create a feature wall in your lounge, or to use as an ideal surrounding for fireplaces) provide a beautiful and eye-catching appearance, but cleaning brick slips can be a hassle.

Brick wall tiles are an easy surface for dust to gather upon especially with soot if you have an open fireplace, which is why there is a necessity to clean brick slip tiles.

To find out the best method for cleaning brick slips follow the instructions below.

Clean Your Brick Slip Wall from Dust

The first step to cleaning your interior brick wall, is to dust and hoover the wall, making sure you get as much of that easy to remove dust, off of the brick tile wall as possible.

Applying Brick Slips Cleaning Solution

Once all of the dust is removed from the decorative brick slips, the next step is to apply the homemade cleaning solution to the wall.


• Washing up liquid
• Salt
• Water

Mix an even amount of washing up liquid and salt with some water, so that it forms the consistency of a paste.

With an old cloth or a sponge, spread the cleaning paste onto the brick effect wall tiles.

Afterwards, with a wire or a plastic brush make sure you scrub the solution into the wall so that it can take full effect, absorbing the dirt from the wall.

Once the cleaning solution has been spread and scrubbed into the interior brick cladding, leave it to set for 15 minutes.

Brick Slips Spring Cleaning Complete

Once the brick cleaning paste has been left on the faux brick wall for 15 minutes, get a bucket of water and use a damp cloth or sponge to clean the solution off, trying to do as thorough job as possible.

Should any of the solution be left on the wall once the brick wall panels are dry, simply use a brush or a damp cloth to wipe the paste off.

Guidance When Cleaning Painted Brick Tiles for Walls

Always be careful when cleaning brick style tiles for walls that have been painted and if possible, read the instructions on the paint pot as there could be the risk that the paint could run, ruining the decorative bricks appearance.

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