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Feature Wall Ideas & Tips on Choosing a Feature Wall in Your Home

Where to Have a Feature Wall
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When having your own home, there are many important decisions you must make, one of which is where to have a feature wall.

Some of you may be wondering what is the point in having an interior feature wall, but it is a popular and trendy aspect to many homes, giving plain and boring rooms something interesting and eye-catching about them.

So, whether you are searching for different decorative wall ideas, or you are at the point of making a decision on what brick effect wall tiles you are going to choose, read on to find out some handy hints and tips to your wall decor decision making.

What Room Should I Put a Wall Feature In?

The main rooms in which people put modern wall decor in, are:

• The most popular place is a living room feature wall, since this is the most used room in the house, along with being the room in which guests visiting the house would sit in.
• Another popular one is a dining room feature wall, although nowadays dining rooms are hardly used, since families prefer to sit in the lounge and watch TV together while eating their meals.
• The final room is the kitchen feature wall, since if you get glazed brick slips fitted around the sink and the oven, they are much easier to clean.

Where to Have a Feature Wall Design

When choosing where to place your modern brick slip feature wall, a good tip to follow is to select the wall of the room that your eyes are instantly drawn to when you walk into the room.

Meanwhile, other tips to help you choose a brick slip feature wall is to choose a wall that doesn’t have a door or a window on, since these walls can already look busy and grab attention on their own, without the need for a wall feature design to be added.

Additionally, walls with a fireplace can be the ideal location for a feature tile wall to be added to give it more of a traditional feel.

Feature Wall Ideas

Fabric Feature Wall

Brick Feature Wall

Paint Splattered Feature Wall

Wood Panel Feature Wall

Wood log feature wall

Recycled timber feature wall

When you have decided what room and wall to have your tile feature wall design on, the next thing you need to decide is what feature wall brick slips you want.

When you have the brick slip fitters visit your home to discuss the arrangements for your feature wall design ideas and to provide you with a quote, be sure to ask them if they can bring a mixture of feature wall tiles for you to look at so you can get an idea on what sort of design you want to go for.

When it comes to making a decision on the tile feature wall ideas, don’t be afraid for the tiling to stand out and to make an impact on the rest of the room.

Meanwhile, the size of your tiled area on your brick feature wall can be as big or as small as you want. The bricks can either cover the entire wall area, or a small area to simply cover e.g. the fireplace feature wall.

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