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Problems With Brick Slips: The 3 Most Common Problems & How to Avoid Them

Problems With Brick Slips: The 3 Most Common Problems & How to Avoid Them
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Installing brick slips are an excellent way to get an exposed brick look for your home or business.

Instead of having full brickwork, you can create a beautiful design using only small sections of brick that offer the same aesthetic.

When people want to install brick slips, they often come across tutorials that guide them through the DIY approach.

However, brick slips can present a number of problems, so it’s important to be aware of the things that can go wrong when you install a new design.

If you know the issues you can face, you can be prepared and take precautions to prevent them.

Problem With Brick Slips #1: Bad Design

Designing a brick slip wall requires some forethought. Even when simply creating rows of tiles, you still need to be careful to measure the space where they will be applied and have brick slips that are the right size.

The tiles are unlikely to fit exactly without having some that are cut to size at the edges of the wall or other surface.

In addition, some people want to come up with a more complicated design, which requires some more planning to ensure that the brick slips will be tessellated properly.

If this isn’t done well, the wall could end up looking like a mess and not the beautiful surface you want it to be.

Problem With Brick Slips #2: Poor Bonding

Brick slips need to adhere to the surface they are applied to for a smooth and stable design. If they are not applied well, they could start to crumble, fall off or crack.

To apply brick slips properly, it’s important to know what sort of surface you’re dealing with and the best adhesive to use.

If you’ve decided to do the job yourself, you might be unsure about the best way to apply brick slips.

Getting it wrong could mean that what’s meant to be a beautiful new feature wall for your home or business ends up not lasting as long as you expected it to.

Problem With Brick Slips #3: Paying Too Much

There’s always the potential to end up paying too much if you’re installing brick slip cladding.

You might choose to do it yourself, hoping to save money by not having to hire a professional brick slip installer to do it for you.

However, taking the DIY route could mean you end up paying more. You might have to pay more for materials if you can’t find a good deal on your own, and any mistakes you make could mean you have to redo parts of the design.

How to Avoid These Potential Problems

If you want to ensure that you install brick slip cladding without any issues, you should make sure you hire a professional to do it for you.

Trying to do it yourself could save you some money, but it will take up a lot of your time and might not save you as much as you had hoped.

Professional brick slip installers knows what they’re doing and they can avoid any of the potential issues that can arise from a bad installation.

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