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Reclaimed Brick Slips: Get a Trending Brick Feature Wall Look

Reclaimed Brick Slips: Get a Trending Brick Feature Wall Look
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Out of all the current decor design trends, there are few as eye-catching, as transformative, and with as much character as the look of exposed brick.

There are many property owners more than willing to put in the work to expose and finish the real brickwork of a property by removing plasterboard walls, sealing, and grouting the bricks beneath.

But nowadays you can get the same authentic look with significantly less effort.

Fake brick wall cladding is becoming much more popular and for those who want to go the extra mile and get a look that isn’t too clean or manufactured, reclaimed brick slips might very well be the option for you.

Why Go Reclaimed

To some, the feeling of authenticity in their design is most important of all. There are plenty of different brick cladding options to choose between.

Handmade brick slips might be perfect for maintaining a consistent, well-designed look throughout your property and glazed brick slips can be a great tool for giving a finished, polished look that’s extra durable and waterproof for bathrooms, for instance.

But if you want your wall to feel real, above all else, then reclaimed brick slips might be the choice for you.

Unlike other brick cladding slips, this variety uses real bricks from old homes and buildings that have since been demolished.

They carry all the character, all the little imperfections, and the tactile feeling of age through every single inch of their surface.

If you want something more traditional and rustic, or something with real urban history, reclaimed is the direction for you.

The Rising Trend

You’ve undoubtedly noticed that the brick wall look is getting much more popular worldwide.

What started out as a niche design in old industrial spaces being redesigned as homes has made its way into the most contemporary of settings, not to mention public hangouts like cafes and restaurants.

A big part of the reason for its rise is that people are starting to want much more than an aesthetic from interior design. They want something with real depth.

Just like natural materials such as timber, marble and stone, brick walls are much more evocative than a simple change in colour or pattern.

Unlike other natural materials, however, brickwork has a distinct man-made feeling to it, making it perfect for capturing the character of urban living.

What better way to get that character than to use real brickwork with real heritage, but without the effort of having to expose your own?

Real Depth

The depth that reclaimed brick cladding offers over, say, the brick wall stencils and digital wallpapers now available is all down to the real extra dimension that it offers.

Those wallpapers and stencils might be the easiest way to get the “look”, but they’re easily exposed for imitations with very little inspection, quickly stripping away a lot of their appeal and leaving them looking flat and fake.

If you don’t want to go through the effort and bear the costs of exposing brick walls, reclaimed brick slips are the best way to get not just a realistic look but also the feeling of brickwork to go with it.

When you can reach out and feel the grainy roughness of real bricks under your fingers, it makes for much more than just a design. It adds real depth to your interior.

How To Use Reclaimed Brick Slips

Brick slip fitting is the easiest way to get the look and feel of authentic brickwork for the decor of your property. All it takes is the application of brick slip adhesive or insulation panels to the wall, over which thin tiles of real, reclaimed brick slips are fitted.

This means that it’s easy to use in a variety of ways. For larger rooms or studio flats, you can fit it over a wall, creating a different “zone” on that side of the room to vary it from the rest.

You can use it to create an urban-themed backsplash in the kitchen. You can fit it over your headboard in the bedroom to give a rougher contrast to the softness of the bed.

You can use it as a feature wall, or even use it to draw attention to architectural features like the fireplace. There’s no shortage of inventive and imaginative ways to use reclaimed brick slips.

The ”brick effect” is a trend that’s still going, as people all over recognise the authentic character that a wall of exposed bricks offer,

With reclaimed brick slips, the reclaimed bricks used to create them provide authentic visuals & textures of brick-built walls/structures.

Need Help?

If you are looking to have reclaimed brick slips installed in your commercial property in London, Essex, Kent, Suffolk and the surroundings, why not give J&A Tiling a call today at 01702 233003 (CLICK TO CALL) or simply fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you in no time.

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