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5 Types of Brick Slip Tiles to Choose From

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If you are looking for a viable alternative to paint or wallpaper with the aim of beautifying your wall, bricks slips installation is an excellent idea. Brick slips are nothing but faces or slices of bricks. These slices can either be cut from a full brick or purpose-made as per required dimensions. Brick slips lend a distinct look to your home. However, they also have a practical purpose. When combined with exterior wall insulation systems, brick slips create a warm and protective environment inside any structure. If you want these benefits for your home but are not sure which brick slip tile to go for, this guide might be of help.

Reclaimed brick tiles are among the most commonly used brick slips. Reclaimed brick slips are a favourite of many homeowners for the weathered and vintage look they offer. These slips are sliced from old bricks as it is difficult to imitate the naturally worn look through the usual process of brick-making, i.e. firing in the kilns.

However, reclaimed tiles are not the best choice if you desire a more uniform appearance for your home. Such a look is possible only if the brick cladding uses the same bricks, which means cutting slices off bricks is not an option. Handmade brick slips bridge exactly this gap as they are made in keeping with your preferences. This ensures your home boasts of a crisp and tidy air.

Staid and sober is the demeanour one normally associates with bricks. But if you are someone who prefers colour and vigour and still want a brick slip cladding for your home, European brick slips are just what you need. These brick slips are ideal for people who’d like to lend some character to their homes. European brick slips are available in a wide variety of colours and finishes.

But if you are looking for a brick tiling option for the kitchen, bathroom and other similar areas of your home, glazed brick slips are the way to go. These glass brick tiles offer excellent resistance to moisture, which makes them perfect for the aforementioned areas of your home. Conventional brick slips, on the other hand, can develop mould if used in such areas.

Lastly, once you’ve decided on which type of brick slip you want, make sure it is fitted properly on your wall. Ask the brick slips installers to cover the corners of your wall as well. Doing so bestows your wall with a consistent frontage that also looks natural.

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Types of Brick Slip Tiles


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