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15 Wall Decorating Ideas

wall decoration ideas
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If you are a bit confused about what you should do with your blank wall, do not bother. You are not alone. Many people find it hard to create home decorating ideas from scratch. It could be for your bedroom, living room or any other favourite area of your house. Luckily, understanding how to decorate your walls is not difficult as soon as you know the basics.

Our guide provides 15 unique wall decor ideas, from hanging photographs to creating a balance to adding your style. Bring all your room walls to life with the simple techniques and art ideas we are going to mention. Then, you will be sure to have beautifully enhanced walls that speak taste and class.

1. Select The Best Pictures For Print

Do you have lots of photos from a recent vacation or family gathering? You may be tempted to print all of them. Rather, be selective. Sort through the pictures and only choose images that are very appealing to the eyes. For instance, those that have bright colours, that show action, or those that have captions.

When you are fussy with the photos to print and hang on your wall, your decorations will look more professional and polished. Perhaps you have little images to fill your wall space? Check out ideas for your family photo the next time you need to use your camera.

2. Get A Colourful Wall Backdrop

Getting a coloured backdrop for your wall is another essential decoration idea. There is no longer a need for you to stress over your blank wall. Single paint colour can brighten your room. The great thing is that this decor idea is the easiest to do. Choose a colour of paint by considering what fits the tone and style of the furniture.

Make the wall accent with your paint to add dimension and depth to your space. As soon as the paint dries, place your art on it to achieve wall decor that portrays personality. For the best results, select photos that have your wall colour, or make the wall colour correspond with your preferred photos.

3. Add Inspirational Quotes To Your Wall

quotes on wall

One simple idea to decorate your wall is to incorporate inspirational messages on it. Be it your kitchen, bedroom or living room; this decoration idea gives special meaning. As a matter of fact, the notes on your walls give visitors an impression of your personality.

Wondering how to go about this? All you should do is intersperse photo prints with your favourite quotes. By doing so, you will create a resting place and visual balance for the eyes. There are many prints available online. Better yet, you may design yours with simple imagery and fancy fonts.

4. Be Accurate With Your Photo Placement

Just like it looks messy when you colour outside of the lines, so can art that you do not hang properly on your home walls. For an expert looking wall decor, be careful when placing the photos. If the case demands, use a level, measuring tape and pencil to make sure your photos are well-spaced and straight.

Before you close your toolbox, have an idea about where exactly you want your artwork on the wall. Will the photos be placed off to a side or in the middle? Having a photo placement scheme will help reduce your work. And, it will lead to a more official result.

5. Add Mirrors To Your Walls

mirror on the wall

Mirrors can make rooms appear larger. Hence, a few mirrors being a part of your wall decorations will be beneficial to your bedroom or living room. Intersperse the mirrors in your wall layout. You may place them above or next to your photos.

When selecting the mirrors, coordinate them with picture frame colours and other decorations within the wall space. However, do not make the mirrors excessive, so much that it overshadows the artworks on the wall.

6. Design A Pattern Of Washi Tape

Washi tape pattern is one of the best ideas for wall decoration. It is simple to use and available in a variety of colours. It is a tool that helps to bring new designs to your room walls. You will get this design by creating a vertical, diagonal or horizontal pattern to get squares, stripes or zig zags.

Once you have the backdrop exactly how you like it, hang your wall art and photos. You can use Washi tape for your living room wall decor. It will also be perfect for your bedrooms and kitchen spaces.

7. Mix Your Photo Shapes And Sizes

Visual diversity naturally attracts the human eye. A beautiful mix of photo shapes and sizes can draw your visitors’ eyes and make them appreciate your wall. This is because the photo mix is an art idea which boosts your wall decoration, from boring to stunning!

For instance, alternate between rectangular and square photos. Or, mix them in circular pieces. Arrange some of the images horizontally while the others should be vertical. This arrangement will build a contrast.

8. Maximise And Fill The Wall Space

For your home decoration ideas to be complete, you need to consider maximising and filling your wall. Its height and width should be devoid of any awkward open space. If the wall is specifically wide, make a large arrangement of photos that stretches to all sides. If your wall is tall, make your photos reach further up. Although you may not need to cover every space, you should still utilise the length and breadth of your wall. This fosters a home-like and cozy feeling.

9. Add Frames To Your Wall Decor

Adding frames to your wall spices up your living room decorations. Ensure that a top-quality frame surrounds a minimum of one aspect of the wall. This improves attention and dimensions to your wall decor. Be creative by mixing and matching your frame colour and type. To unify the room, make the frame style align with your existing furniture, floors, and walls.

10. Use Brick Slips To Decorate Your Walls

brick slips wall

It is one thing to use wallpaper on your walls or paint them. It is another to cover the wall with bricks. What many people may not realise is that brick finishing does not require using entire blocks; brick slips are a better option.

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You may have seen brick slips without recognising them since they are no different from the regular brickwork. However, brick slips are way thinner and lighter. This feature makes them stand out as great ideas when you are looking to decorate your living room walls.

11. Make Photo Ledges On Your Wall

If you are searching for bedroom, kitchen or living room wall decor that bubbles with personality, consider using photo ledges. Instead of hanging all the photos straight on your wall, place them on a shelving unit or simple ledge. If you want to use colourful artwork, select a ledge with neutral colour, such as brown, white or black. Then, the arrangement of the shelves should be at separate heights. This wall decoration idea will build contrast and visual energy.

12. Introduce Greenery To Your Wall

One of the unique home decoration ideas is to arrange a potted plant beside your wall. It could be on the floor or a shelf, side table or desk. Green plants give special effects if you want to create a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere. It provides the room with an edgy and fresh feeling.

13. Let Your Wall Decor Be At Eye Level

Where precisely should your art be on the wall decor? Well, designers usually suggest that photos and other illustrations should be at eye level. This idea of wall decorations allows you and others to view it easily. It also guarantees that the images are neither too high nor too low on your wall. Although your photos are meant to align with the entire room, you may want to check your furniture height. Also, consider the height of your ceiling.

14. Build A Focal Point On Your Wall

Do you have a specially vivid photograph? Let it be a focal point in the gallery of your wall. A focal point attracts the viewer’s eye and draws their attention to your wall. From there, their eyes can wander to the surrounding artworks. This allows for each piece to be appreciated. If you are not sure of what photo to use as a focal point, place many pictures beside each other and choose which one you are most drawn to look at first.

15. Match Colour And Style With Your Room Decor

Imagine that your living room wall decorations do not fit the vibe and style of the remainder of the room. It would seem a little strange, and the beauty of your wall decor would not be seen. To prevent this, choose frames and photos that correspond with the general style of your room

The things you should consider are your furniture, wall colour, lighting, and rugs. This does not mean you should be rigid with the colour combination; it means that the colours should flow into each other and correlate.

Last Word

Following these ideas will help you to achieve the ideal wall decor for you, however, if you are still struggling to come to a decision a google search will most certainly provide you with inspiration.

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